Water: A poem by Rachna Karara

The muddy, murky water lets out a primitive scream,
“Clean me before it is too late,
Do not pressure me, no more can I take.”

Heavy-duty plastic bags of untreated sewage you throw in my girth,
The azure blue of my vast, natural freshness you have hurt.

Severe pollution has choked my gorgeous, turquoise flow,
Rendering me bitter, grubby, inadequately potable and low.

Fish, quench, bathe, wash, irrigate but appreciate
Do not be foolhardy and let me depreciate.

Relish the food I bequeath and be kind to this navigable source,
Realize my importance, I am crying out hoarse.

Take care of me and realize my phenomenal, long term value
Else, I shall disappear before you have the slightest clue.