The silence of the sun’s favorite protege: A poem by Mousmmee Baruah

Her children are always into a squabble.
Each one of them wants to be a sole inheritor of her.
She weeps,  looking at the sky above.
How to make her children rational she does not know.
That she belongs to each one of them as a whole.
Life starts at her and life ends at her.
She asks the moon and the stars
She asks the sun…her godfather, also clouds and rainbow.
That her children look at the same, sky and the stars, then why rift?
She asks the sea, ocean, river, streams, hills, and mountains, flora and fauna 
If they can happily live and co-exist with each other.
Why not her children?
Why her children ignore the fact that she is the only protege of the sun who bears life.
The sun is always been kind to her, why not humans?
Her silence does not mean that she is weak.
She does not want to rebel as she loves her children, so she prays and hopes.
That one day her children will become mature.
That they belong to her and she does not belong to them.
Until now she is absorbing pain silently.