Waiting That Kills

Torn apart by the miles that stretch between,

Yet love’s relentless bond remains unseen.

No matter how difficult, we endure,

In soulful yearning, our love is pure.

Through good times and bad, our hearts align,

I’ll wait for you faithfully, till the end of time.

Seasons may shift, but my loyalty holds fast,

In waiting for you, my devotion will last.

Words cannot capture the depth of my longing,

How I ache to be with you, my love keeps strong.

The worst feeling ever, uncertainty’s sting,

To wait or give up, such agony it brings.

Oh! Kaif Bhopali,

کون آئے گا یہاں کوئی نہ آیا ہوگا

میرا دروازہ ہواؤں نے ہلایا گا

No matter where life takes you away,

Know that I miss you more with each passing day.

For your happiness, my heart deeply cares,

Forever etched in my mind are the moments we share.

Though unacknowledged are the emotions I’ve shown,

In your contentment, my love has grown.

Wherever your path leads, dear one, be sure,

That in my heart, you’re forever secure.

Love’s melody plays in allegorical rhyme,

Depression and sadness transform over time.

Yet faith and hope guide this journey we take,

Through stress and uncertainty, love won’t break.

No distance too far to keep us apart,

For as long as I breathe, you’ll stay in my heart.

Our souls intertwined like stars in the night sky,

Love’s powerful bond will never deny

Razi Tahir ✍️

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