As women, we often forget,

The strength that lies within, unset.

We undervalue our own worth,

And doubt our capabilities from birth.

But let me tell you, my dear friend,

There’s power in you till the end.

Perseverance is your secret key,

Unlocking doors of possibility.

Although! Burnt and beaten, a soul now pleading,

A dustbin cheapen, hope slowly receding,

God! although I’m inked, abused, cracked, and confused,

I will not lose hope, my spirit infused.

I will fight till the last breath in perseverance,

For love and peace, in spite of interference,

No matter the bruises, the scars, or the pain,

I’ll rise above, in a world once again.

We undervalue ourselves, our power and might,

Unaware of the force that burns so bright.

But when we tap into that hidden fire,

Nothing can stop us, no goal is too dire.

So stand proud, dear woman, let your light shine bright,

Embrace your true self, and take flight.

You are capable, powerful, and deserving, it’s true,

The world needs your leadership, your vision, and you.

Razi Tahir ✍️

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