Don’t warn me, October, of your changing hue,

For I await December’s snow, pure and true.

In that frosty night, a cup of Kahva I seek,

While you leave me alone, merciless and bleak.

I yearn for a lamp, to fill her cup with care,

Under clay lamp’s dim light, a trust we share.

Though electricity may falter, fail to ignite,

I offer presence and laughter in this endless night.

Alas, my cup is broken, beyond repair,

But I offer what I can, my love and my flair.

Amidst this thirst and cold, I seek solace within,

Hoping to warm her heart, and banish the din.

Oh, my kangri, did she truly embrace you tight?

Or am I lost in dreams, where love takes flight?

Don’t warn me, October, for I long for December’s glow,

A cup of Kahva, a love to cherish, as winters bestow.

Razi Tahir ✍️