Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (One World Family): A poem by Khushboo Yadav

A garden with diverse flowers, diverse fragrances, colors, and adoration.

Looks beautiful, divine and are worthy of admiration.

O’ World is one family, we all are one.
Nurture this family with love and care bond is different.

Humanity evolves with love and compassion.
Let’s make this family peaceful removing fear and aggression.

Stand up for those who suffer.
Rising above hatred and discrimination we prosper.

If God is one and He is our father.
How can we be different from each other?

As a drop of the ocean is not different from the ocean.
We all are connected to the divine and are His children.

Rise above the feeling of mine and yours.
Embrace everyone with a heart selfless and pure.

Don’t hurt anyone if you don’t want to be hurt.
Spread love and smile precious is your human birth.