Family: A poem by Dr. Sudha Subramaniam

The navel belonging of historic roots

That have laid bare genetic beginnings;
Flowing through the humane cradle,
Overflowing with love and care,
Tender cotyledons that enclose plumule beginnings,
Moving the red mud, peeping out at the blue sky;
Familial, primitive, universal and yet so personally one’s own,
The rhapsody of centuries thumping out a lilting feeling
Of being held close in an aura of belonging
That justifies inclusiveness and creates a space
From whence to grow and strive to reach higher
Relishing the warmth and battling the cold together
Touched with a ray of hope that dispels loneliness,
Different maybe, but rolled into one-we’re family!!
A cocoon of creation, unbundling to move onwards,
A caterpillar arching out into a butterfly;
The iris of the eye reflects the soul of the universe
Limitless confinement, exclusive gaze,
Melting time, recreating memories;
As the horizon bows to meet our race.