An Enigma: A Poem by Rupinder Kaur

A tale of the saga to be narrated,
In distant times,
Would be sung by generations,
Enamored by the faded memory of my prime,
Or the life I lived on lease from time,
In the contour of my body, they may find,
Embossed many generations,
In my face, smile and appellation,
Oh! What name heart you want to inscribe,
In this ocean of forgetfulness,
Let mystery hovers my stature,
Whether I was a bouquet of spring,
Or an autumn leaf when I cease to exist,
Or light from a source who was ever,
Destined and prone to suffering,
Or a fountain filled with elixir,
Comforting lives and wounded souls,
Or a wandering being in waiting,
To complete the voyage received,
Not in alms but in gift indeed.