Tulips: A Poem by Shashi Dhar Kumar

In a tranquil garden, where dreams unfold,
Blossoming tulips paint a story untold.
Their vibrant hues dance in the sun’s warm embrace,
A symphony of colors, nature’s embrace.

With slender stems, they proudly stand tall,
A testament to beauty, captivating all.
Their petals unfurl, like secrets they keep,
Whispering tales of the earth while others sleep.

Oh, tulips fair, in your graceful sway,
You bring joy and delight in every way.
Each petal a brushstroke, a masterpiece so fine,
A tapestry of nature’s design.

Their scent floats gently upon the breeze,
A fragrant invitation, a moment to seize.
Inhaling deeply, my senses come alive,
The aroma of tulips, so sweet, so alive.

In this garden of serenity and grace,
Tulips bloom, bringing smiles to every face.
Their delicate presence, a gift to adore,
Nature’s embodiment, forevermore.

So let us revel in this floral delight,
Bathing in their beauty, both day and night.
For tulips, the garden’s splendid flower,
Are nature’s reminder of life’s fragrant power.