Listen to the Voices: A Poem by Rajshree Rathore

Awakening from the fossils of inert dialogues,
Deafened by the demanding chaos of life,
Amongst the usual conversation join in those ‘voices’,
Merely mixed by the sound speaker: their tempo mystical,
“Original soul rendezvous”: their preferred validation I suppose.

As I gaze at the peculiarities of life: much the usual way,
The voices: a manual of gratitude and humility,
I question them somewhat authoritatively about their presence,
“Why should I listen to you “: a self-explanatory answer resonates,
Unconvinced my naïve intellect acts once again: unchallenged.

The voices continue unabated like a victorious contingent from a battlefield,
The kinetic inertia unfolding at a striking speed,
I race to control the unrest as the vibrations give an ultimatum,
“Listen to us (voices) or listen to your gullible soul”!
A statement that solidifies into my melting self-introspection.

The voices: an insignia of human compassion,
The voices: engaging selflessly into inflicted chaos,
A pact of “self–commitment” I so long ignored,
My engagement with them is certainly foreseen now,
The seeker within me- finally listening.