Tiring Yet Satisfactory: A Poem by Amrita Mallik

Imperturbably waiting for the opportunity,
Wobbling under colorful injustice galore,
She preferred the long and arduous route,
For sustainable freedom through independence.

Guided by many, introspection was his last resort,
Shivering, he came face to face with himself,
Raw and naked, stripped off show and noise,
He found freedom embracing his real self.
He was strong, so was she,
Yet, both were depressed beyond measure,
Endless tussle resulted in a brave decision,
Freedom they found by killing themselves.

He or she, avoiding the elongated course,
Freedom they discover in convoluted ways,
Narcissistic pleasure they yearn for,
So what if that gives them satisfaction?

Sacrifice is the key unlocking freedom,
Countless people acting out myriad views,
Freedom is varied, and so is the way, 

Through outstretched road comes true freedom.