A Long Walk to Freedom: A Poem by Neha Gupta

Before taking the first step, my feet hesitated many times
Will the path be dissonant, or with my tread, it will rhyme
Staying there was not possible anymore
In the grey muddy puddle of guilt and remorse
I needed to get up and listen to what was calling
From within myself, until the candle of hope was still glowing
How long could it be avoided; I scanned my thoughts sheepishly
I have mastered the art of slavery to my weaknesses, timidly
Freedom seemed like the phenomena from the distant universe
Beyond the reach of my small persona covered in disguise
To hide my true self from the judgmental eyes of the world
Caged within me, a real me somewhere was lying shriveled
It was easy to break through the fences of the outer world
But how will I free myself from the cynicism I weave inward
I tried to trim the branches of my anger and fear
Though, forgot to give a thought to the root cause, they bear
Needed to reach my subconscious to eradicate the hatred and ego
To prepare the land of my mind for the seeds of love to flourish and grow
The walk to freedom from the undesired vices seemed long

Until I took the first step to bestow upon others the love I longed