I Feel Bereft…: A Poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

His eyes were the universe, love spangled like glistening stars
His smile was the sun, bright and tangerine with sanative powers
The amorous canoodle was the most efficacious panpharmacon that be
And this I know now, as dreary emptiness sinks in me
Mindfully oblivious I gaze into the mirror, with mist laden eyes
He said he’ll stay , and here I am, the lonesome reflection of his lies.

Fleeting ruminations, enshroud and consume my calm
Queasy and quiet, I moan for his arm
In all my sanity I know, these tears are all in vain
But here I am besmeared with the bygone, lamenting again
My core, a veritable chasm, tenebrous ‘n crippled from within
For he said he’ll stay, through thick and thin.

My tresses, my eyes, every inch of my existence
The ink, the paper, the tinges of vehemence
His indelible imprints, I scratch, till my being bleeds
Like an obscure deserted island, where quietude dismally pleads
Staring at the stygian stretch, I still feel so bereft
For he said he’ll stay, and so, he never really left.