Eternal love: A poem by Mir Samsul Haque

The light of love guides a nonchalant soul eternally
Makes the dull life radiant in every sphere
Like the blazing sunshine blessing every being in early morning
A trail of misgivings turning into an indulgent longing
A tryst with eternal love above the vortex of fugitive time
A trailblazing faith that binds million hearts in sweet communion
Scavenging twisted courses of life enlightening the dark cove of heart
Love, a vibrant vibe adorns a heart, decorates mind’s mart
Love, an immutable truth governs the infinite universe
Forever, a cosmic tide triggers the sleeping senses of a sane
In clouds of calamity, one sees a silver lining conspicuous and pristine
Up above the mundane muddle, one gets glide tidings of an uncommon kind
One marches regally in thick and thin of time
A soul is blessed blithely if love encapsulates it overtly and covertly
A thumping victory at last in this life and the life hereafter
An everlasting love that endorses an eternal celestial celebration
Love is the elixir of life for it embodies an immortalized divinity
Ends up endless miseries, fills umpteen unknown realms till eternity