Those Were the Days: A Poem by Ambika Gibikote Tadipatri

Those were the days, before many a yester,
To you, I’d run as fast as I could muster,
“Amma, hug me, please”, I’d longingly whisper,
And you’d draw me to your bosom, without a falter.
Overjoyed with your soft and eternally healing motherly potion,
Tantalizing tenderness, and tenaciously tranquil devotion,
And holistic harmony that flowed through you like a fountain,
Enriched I was, to swim in your compassionate ocean.
Momentous were the numerous events when I’d felt overwhelmed,
Engulfed by your exultant, empathetic, and emphatic encouragement,
Absorbed by your angelic, altruistic, and amenably absolute acceptance,
And nurtured by your compassionately caring and consoling transcendence.
Tremulously, my mind highlights every memory of your magical touch,
Heartily unfurling effulgent love and light from my very birth,
Elysian thoughts, words, and deeds that you, so effortlessly, unearthed.
Divinely filling every inch of my heart that you traversed.

Those were the days, which are only a recollection now,
Yet, I’m thankful as I’ve experienced the heavens above,
In your tangible and intangible benevolence cocooned,

And I strive today, to in your image become bloomed.