An Ode To My Mother: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta


O’ you are a wonderful creation of God,
Without whom is incomplete this whole world,

Embodiment of love, sacrifices and care,
A small word which is known as ‘mother’!

O’ bearing nine months of struggle and pain,
You gave birth to a life and are born again,
Hiding your own tears you bring smile to your children,
You can read your child’s heart without being spoken!

O’ you nourish your child with nutrients of love and care,
You never let your child’s life to be dull and bare,
Your every deed is pure and selfless,
You seek your life in your child’s happiness!

O’ you are child’s first teacher and the best friend,
You always hold his hands till the end,
You have been blessed with a golden heart,
With colors of motherhood you paint a lovable canvas!

O’ you are the one, who turn a house into home,
You are an enlightening candle even in gloom,
You have a magical wand to bring miracles,
Truly, mother you are the most precious treasure!