An Ode to My Mother: A Poem by Maria Brenda D. Acalla

She was a woman of everlasting beauty, she stood tall with her grace.
She looked young and lovely, wearing a smile on her face.
She was adored by young children, to them she gave so much joy.
Telling stories, making pancakes, gave them toys to enjoy.
She was the strongest woman I’d ever known, in her most feminine way.
I seldom saw her frown, in the midst of a busy day.
She wasn’t afraid of all the odds, not even a single storm.
She wasn’t even sad, at those times when she mourned.
Her heart bleeds for one who needs justice,
To her it is a pass towards serenity and peace.
She had fought many battles, not for her own sake.
She was a woman who seldom commits a mistake.
Her spouse was her greatest fan, looking upon her tenderness.
To her were the eyes of men, when she offered a hand or kindness.
I was telling you about this extraordinary woman, her beauty will surely last.

For as long as I’ll live, she’ll remain in the cast.