The Wisdom of Mother Earth


Did you know our world is both art and the artist itself?

Have you ever seen the glow of a field of sunflowers light up a road?

Have you ever seen the way late morning sunlight washes over a face just so?

How the stars freckle the midnight sky?

How the flowers bloom taking their sweet time?

How the subtle freeze of the wind sets it all in motion?

How through every second our world is never frozen?

How beautifully our world ages?

How she highlights herself with elegance and grace with each new stage?

How nature still presents itself, slipping through the cracks of the developing dystopia?

How it has raised us and generations before us, no matter how old we are?

How all of us would play in the dirt?

How our hearts sound without the hurt?

How when we go back, it reclaims us as its child,

Can we all admit under it, we’re all a bit wild?

How Earth’s wisdom mirrors none?

How she is the teacher of each and every one?

How she cups her face tenderly like a loving mother?

How she ties us with an invisible string even closer to each other?

How she holds us through all the hurt?

How our conscience takes the form of Mother Earth?

How she is our heart, our mind, and our soul all at once?

How she truly embodies a mother’s sweet love?

Diya Mittai

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