Invisible Crown


Life is not spent by fluke, or deciding fate by throwing a dice,

Rather it is spent by wearing an invisible crown, and a confident smile,

Smile, that is contagious enough to spread positivity and enthusiasm,

And the crown emitting that queen’s aura and pride.


But what is this crown made of?

Is it only a thing to show off?

The answer is a big NO, clear and loud,

You just wear your virtues, as the invisible crown.


You may come across hurdles and riddles,

You may have to go through chaos, noise and prickles,

But remember, you are the gift of heaven,

Live your life with love and compassion.


Sometimes, it’s okay to be with yourself alone,

Spending those moments to refine yourself and your goals,

Take firm decisions and stick to that,

Stand tall and rooted, igniting that spark and glam.

Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”