100-Word Stories


The Guardian Spirit 

Divya traipsed along the winding path that led from her ancestral home to the river. She smiled at the chirping sparrows that frequented old mango trees alongside the path.

As she reached the water’s edge, she skidded on a pebble and fell into the rapids. Eyes shut tight in panic, she screamed as she floundered in the deep water.

Out of nothingness, a cold clammy hand pulled her to safety and disappeared.

Upon opening her eyes, Divya found herself – wet and bedraggled on a flat rock. Unquestioningly, she bowed in supplication to her guardian spirit for saving her life!

 Dr. Aparna Bagwe



Assuming that there was a pantry in the train, Raman had not carried any food. Unfortunately, there was no catering available onboard, and his compartment being the last stood away from any platform, making it impossible to buy anything.

Seeing that his co-passengers belonged to a different religion, he had declined their offer of lunch. He repented it now.

As he looked out of the window swallowing air, someone tapped him from behind. It was the eldest co-passenger. Handing over a biscuit packet he said, “Have this, it has no religion attached to it.”

Raman squirmed at his own imprudence.

Sudha Viswanath