The Silk Route: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

The Silk Route, a historical series of trade routes,
That went across Europe and Asia,
Central to the economic, cultural interactions,
For almost two thousand years.

Traveling from China to Iraq,
To the Indian subcontinent to Africa and Arabia,
Traders and merchants and explorers,
Enabled the development of several civilizations.

They traveled across mountains and deserts,
Cities, towns and markets,
Selling silk and spices and gems,
And other products exotic.

They also exchanged ideas, languages, new inventions,
Carrying their goods, trudging on winding paths,
All through Eurasia, on the marvelous silk route,
A journey of empowerment and knowledge.

Two things from China had a great impact
On the western world, gunpowder and paper,
Paper let to the invention of the printing press,
And newspapers and books were the result.

 The silk route was a renaissance,
Which originated in China and spread
Far and wide, reaching many countries,
More civilized than the chaos we see everywhere.