The Bond of Love: A Poem by Amrita Chatterjee

Bound in the bond of love I always want to be,
The open sky is not mine,  I don’t want to be free.
A string with strands of red and gold, our two hearts tightly hold,
In close proximity, we enjoy the wonders of love that unfold. 
When you pull me close, in your eyes myself I see,
The captivity in those limpid eyes fills me with ecstatic glory.
The wreath of your arms around me, their entitlement confirm,
Incarcerated in them my faith in the bond you reaffirm. 
In the core of your thoughts,  in their affectionate essence,  I love to dwell, 
Confined in the realms of your reveries,  with pride I swell.
The expression of my name in the loop of your lips,
Confirms time and again that our relationship is for keeps.
The memories that together we have made glitter in splendor, 
To the charm of those remembrances my lazy hours I surrender.
The dreams of a rosy future, hand in hand walking into the sunset,
Encircles my being, a solace within,  a union so perfect.