I didn’t Sleep Last Night: A Poem by Neha Gupta

 Last the night seemed like a replica of many other nights

The pitch-black night just came and stayed, no light in sight

Why the pain crept seamlessly from my heart to my eyes

The pain I dismissed to own, knocking again on my premises


The moments when the bomb blasted, in my memory, sustained

The wound that took years to mend, oh! I scratched it again

My sunken heart brought up the pain and let out a cry

Bidding goodbye to the little hope I hoped to buy


On the streets of Sri Lanka, those faces were smiling at me

As I halted to shop from one vendor to another with a glee

The fresh produce, the aroma of spices they offered

I tucked in my bags all the things, along with their smiles, I desired


Having a last look at them as my car raced ahead

I sat comfortably, already planning my next visit here

Suddenly the earth shook, the sky glittered, and my head hammered

The market behind me was gone, and to rubble reduced


Years later, for saving my life, I still thank God

But the images of that lively market and people I can’t shake off

Since then, I have had many nights remembering their smiles

Last night was just one such night that I spent in turmoil