The She Factor




She is Earth – large, inclusive and magnanimous,

Colourful, fertile and joyous,

She is bountiful and gracious.


She is water – soothing and cool,

Ever flowing, life giving and cheerful,

Spontaneous, pure and blissful.


She is fire – burning with desire,

To achieve, to prove, to inspire,

Willing to blaze higher.


She is wind – wanting to improve, to change,

Waiting to reform, rearrange,

Willing to accept any challenge.


She is the sky – vast and fascinating,

Sometimes blue and dazzling,

Sometimes black with a flash of lightning.


She is a volcano of talent and ability,

She has a wonderful capacity,

Perseverance and tenacity,

To make stronger the family and society.

She is the epitome of grace, dignity and tranquillity.


Vasudha Pansare

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