The Super Woman


It’s high time we let go of the labels and tags

That we give to the women to hold her in esteem

Let her be a simpleton, a human who also has feelings

She may be vulnerable and not strong as she seems


She is no super woman who multitasks with ease

And juggles every chore with nimble alacrity

She can slipup too, or forget and create a blunder

For the mistake committed, holding no guilt or pity


She is no Goddess or symbol of purity beyond compare

She can also be tempted, tested or beguiled as anyone

Falling a prey to the traps and snares laid

For erring beyond absolution, do not from deference shun


She can also be hungry and tired at the end of the day

As she carries the load of her endless sweat

She may want to be the first to eat before the man or child

She needs equity more than equality, not anyone’s fume or fret


No! she does not want to compete or surpass any man to win

She asks only what to her in these years was due

She just wants her own space, some freedom and her say

The woman is a human just like me and you !!


Lalita Vaitheeswaran

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