The Renaissance Castle: A Poem by Lakshmi Ajoy

That mystical night of spark and splendor,
Under the glittering skies with stars in grandeur,
I stood in awe of the magnificent creation,
That remarkable citadel in magical suspension.
Amidst verdant valleys upon a high rocky arch,
Surrounded by thick bunches of the coniferous larch,
Stood the ancient Renaissance castle within a cave,
Of which I could write reviews with rave.
Transfixed I stood, in wondrous awe,
Of this creative human marvel abiding nature’s law,
Pristine, immaculate, unblemished and chaste,
Crafted with care without any haste.
I still remember that astonishing night,
An eye-opening wonderment in resplendent white,
Gleaming under the moonlight so magically bright,
Basking in its glory of the purest light.
A night spent in mindfulness meditation,
Beneath the starry canvas sprinkled in Divine radiation,
In tranquil peace and hushed vibrations,
Embracing the stillness with a sense of liberation.