I Still Remember That Night: A Poem by Poonam Kakodkar

Tossing and turning as turbulent
Black waves seem to engulf me with utter despair
The night seemed dark, opaque and endless,
I’d hear a cry and rush to see you,
Yet there you were with your eyes shut tight,
Your face weary with the effort to catch the ephemeral goddess of the night
Before she slipped away into the nether world
Every few minutes I’d hear the same plaintive cry,
I woke up scared and rushed to see if you were in pain
If you needed me?
I ran and then tiptoed for fear of disturbing you
With yet another false alarm.
This vicious cycle continued to unfurl
Till the wee hours of dawn,
When the sun deigned to peep,
Through the rustling curtains
That I hastened to close, when I saw your weary face, begging for a few hours of sleep.