The reality of paradise: A poem by Dr. Archana Tandon

Is paradise a place where I will go when I die
Or is it a place where I am destined to live, to testify
For me, it is a place divine, showered on me to play a role
With my body in unison, with my soul
Here I will dance to the tunes of the daily chores
Sailing with all my expertise from one shore to the other shore
Relishing every moment in tandem
Enjoying every bit of what life throws at me, at random
Photographing, penning and rhyming with nature’s moves
As I go about performing of what my profession approves
I don’t carry a dream to reach the paradise of pretense
Neither do I wish to attain it when I meet death, in its true sense 
For God has blessed us with this human birth
To serve humankind putting in all our worth
Using honesty, humility, gratitude and altruistic approach
To create a paradise of humanity on this celestial globe