Paradise: A poem by Khushboo Yadav

Where love prevails without hatred and enmity.
When the mind overcomes all conflicts and feels peace and serenity.
Where wisdom is attained removing all fear.
We feel the paradise within when the soul is soaked in divinity’s elixir.
Sow the seeds of love without discrimination.
Where everyone enjoys God’s beautiful creation.
Where tears and sighs fled away.
Where we spend carefree all day.
O’ Paradise is not far away with mere imagination.
Seek within yourself you will reach the destination.
Be compassionate spread love and smile.
Forget bitterness don’t be hostile.
Paradise is there where no discrimination among the rich and poor.
Where no pain and happiness for everyone is for sure.
Where we stretch our helping hands for others.
Where we live under the protection of one Supreme Father.