The Poet’s Burning Yearning: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Obsession ensnared this poet’s fervent soul,
For quill, ink, and parchment, my heart did yearn.
Within the literary sphere, I found my role,
Where thoughts and passions ceaselessly churn.

My spirit soared, a palace for wordsmiths,
Submerged in tales and reveries of ink,
Each pen stroke and key tap, my essence drifts,
Into dreams unfurled, with an ardor to link.

The poet, consumed by linguistic grace,
Wandering lost within worlds brought to life,
Through sonnets and prose, my heart finds its place,
Entranced by literature’s tumultuous strife.

Oh, quill, ink, paper, my eternal muse,
Obsession’s blaze, readers and minds transfuse.