The Journey Within: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Pray, my heart searches for a tranquil shore,
Amidst a world engulfed in chaos’ roar.
In this world of hatred and ego’s reign,
I yearn for love to wash away the pain.

Seeking respect in a land of disdain,
Where selfish souls thrive, leaving hearts in strain.
Oh, patience! Grant me strength to endure,
When intolerance’s flames obscure the pure.

My heart searches for kindness, like a flame,
To ignite compassion and empathy’s aim.
For in the darkest hours, it’s love we crave,
To illuminate paths and souls to save.

May empathy’s touch guide our every choice,
As we unite, speaking with one gentle voice.
Let compassion reign, a binding embrace,
Erasing shadows, leaving no trace.

Oh, courage, I seek you in every beat,
To stand against injustice, firm and fleet.
With determination, we’ll find our way,
For love’s unwavering strength shall hold sway.

Pray, my heart searches, amidst the strife,
For a world where love transcends this life.
And in this quest, I’ll not cease to believe,
That kindness and unity, we’ll achieve.