Tears of Redemption: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

The rain’s relentless assault begins,
Upon broken windows and tormented souls it grins.
Within her heart, a storm of emotions brew,
In inked pages, her plea for redemption true.

The abandoned journal lies on a sodden floor,
Words unspoken, yet they ache and implore.
Torrential storms of anguish and despair,
In this illusion of pain, she’s unaware.

The tempest of life, a wild and cruel sea,
Yet, within her spirit, resilience shall be.
Amidst the chaos, a glimmer of light,
Hope dances, flickering, but burning bright.

Her soul stirs, echoing a profound call,
To find solace and strength amid the squall.
Dear Life, she cries, release me from this pain,
Embrace me with love, grant me a peaceful reign.