The Photo Album: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Redolent reminiscences of those good old days
Bring a cheer to the heart, lights up my face
In my solitude as I open up the photo album
And gaze at my dear ones with their smiles so winsome
A memorial site, I move my fingers through every picture at my leisure
Everytime I revisit the album, it fills me with so much pleasure
The black and white picture of us, with parents, is my prized possession
A document of the past that crackles with self evident significance
As my eyes get glued to my personal family picture
Memories pop up rewarding me with joyous rapture
I smile fondly at the picture of my daughter taking her first steps
What a delight to see her trying to proceed with faltering footsteps
The album tells the story of a landscape, a wedding or a time
When things seemed to be perfect, the halycon days, lovelier than a rhyme
Now the little world that we called ours, has changed faster
Yet, these priceless stories, these indelible memories are those that matter
I keep flipping so everything seems to come to life
The photos start blooming like flowers fragrant in springtime
The nostalgic past made visual, lifts up my pensive mood
Preserved with special care, it seems to be a bliss in solitude.