One Whom I love: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar 

I have got the one whom I love,
Gifted by God, like a cute dove,
I was overjoyed when you moved inside me and felt divine,
I felt complete when I held you in my arms for the first time.
After that, you became the purpose of my life,
All my sorrows melted away with your lovely smile,
When I was all alone in this entire world,
Then you held my hands and made me learn!
That though life is unpredictable, but is full of surprises,
Never ever leave hope, and take more dives,
You taught me that happiness and sorrow depend on inner self,
We can heal ourselves and live life with a new sense.
I can forget all my pain in your ocean-like eyes,
Your voice is melodious like chirping birds, that waves away all my cries,
Your smile is as sweet as honeycomb,
And it feels sweeter when you call me “Mom”.
I’ll stay with you forever, till I am alive,
And I won’t be far away even if I die,
Whenever you need me, just call me with your lovely voice,
I’ll be there with you my son, with all my might!