I remember when she went to Jammu land,

Promising to mend things with a plan,

After her return, we’d talk to my kin,

About our love, so deep within.

I toiled day and night, fueled by desire,

Building a future, setting hearts on fire.

Anticipation swelled as days slipped away,

Hoping her return would bring love’s perfect display.

I recall, I finished my prayers each morn,

Seeking divine favor for love to be born.

Beseeching her strength, support, and care,

To navigate challenges we were about to share.

Yet as I waited, longing for her call’s decree,

Fate intervened, delivering anguish unto me.

An unknown number rang, trembling in my hand,

An omen of darkness, a message I couldn’t withstand.

“We’ve found this phone,” the voice began to explain,

“And an accident occurred, where all lives were slain.

No survivors remain, including the driver too,

A tragedy so tragic, I can’t fathom it’s true.”

I remember that call, forever forever burned,

A harbinger of sorrow, a dark omen earned.

Oh, the pain it inflicted, a wound in my soul.

I can’t write anymore as tears roll.

Razi Tahir ✍️

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