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Roses & Thorns

Isn’t it a lesson we should all learn,

To empathize and be kind at every turn?

For we don’t always know the battles we face,

Hidden beneath a smile, in a secret place.

Life, like a rose, is a delicate creation,

Balancing both strength and affection.

Its petals soft, nurturing and kind,

Its sturdy stem, protection we find

The rose, a symbol of feminine grace

With petals soft, a gentle embrace

But beneath its fragile, delicate frame

Lies a stem so strong, a pillar of flame

The thorns that line its sturdy base

Speak of protection in every place

For the rose knows that strength and love

Are intertwined, like blessings from above

Amidst the thorns of life we wander,

Through prickly paths we must meander,

But with each step we take, we find,

A beauty that was always hidden in our mind.

For like the rose, we too must grow,

Endure the thorny paths that show,

Our strength and resilience as we rise,

And we see the beauty that lies beyond the guise.

So let us embrace the thorns with grace,

And let our souls find their rightful place,

For every challenge, every pain we bear,

Is a step closer to the beauty we will share.

Razi Tahir ✍️