The Phone Call: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”

May be, I was dreaming at that time,
When I got a call at 3 am at night,
I saw your name and picked up the call,
Heard your magnetic voice, that made my heart stall!

My heart skipped a beat and I pinched my thigh,
To make sure it’s not a dream, and I am not ‘high’,
And then I realized that you actually called me,
Just to tell how much you are missing me!

Tears rolled down my eyes, and my voice became hoarse,
And then I asked, why did you breakup then, in such a short course?
You shared how much overburdened you were,
And it will never happen again in future!

I got your feelings and the way you told everything,
You tried to amend the relationship and outpoured your feelings,
Then we vowed to stay together forever,
And nurture our bond till death do us apart!