The Phone Call: A Poem by Tithi Das

That was the last phone call,
Though I never thought that would be the final call,
With excitement in my eyes, I received,
Utter disappointment was all that I perceived.

After a long time, I heard his voice,
Shaken but receiving the call was my choice,
Now the storm between us is moist and calm,
Out of joy and excitement, I grew numb.

I muttered “hello”,
My voice was shallow,
He went straightforward this time,
He can no longer keep the vow of lifetime.

Dissolution of our marriage was prime to him,
Got extinguished the last light beam,
Tears ran down my pale cheeks,
My inner soul wanted him to embrace.

Nothing could I say, just an okay,
To me, it was a doomsday,
He disconnected the phone call,
And yes, that was the last phone call.