A Bizarre Meeting: A Poem by Rupinder Kaur

The raiment of my soul,
I often trace back thy footprints,
Pay revisit to thy old dwelling place,
In the world of past and forgotten times,
Where you handed over your piece of being
In times of flux and changing rhymes
O! Confidante how far have we travelled?
When I gaze deep into your eyes
Entourage of mixed emotions encounters me
Many shades of your persona bewitch
The intrigue that surrounds you
The imminent destiny will unfold thy self
I often I meet you yet unknown
The visage has changed and so you have too
Battle scars have healed but the distant pain is same
In heart, we echo yet we both are estranged
How many battles have we won together
And how many to fight more
Path we tread upon still lie in front
As we need to travel the journey whatever is ordained