The Pain That Never Goes Away: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Endless pain resides inside the heart of the troubled ‘n torn, tattered and battered
Climbing a distorted mountain of agony, they find no escape, all dreams shattered
Repose never comes to one who has had a hard time in this life
Doesn’t seem to find a way through all the struggle and strife
The abused boy, the scars and fractures that has affected his life
Slowly show through the pain that cuts him like a sharp knife
His father returns home violent, all drunk and insane
He hopes that his day wouldn’t be so bad again
The little girl, who did not want to play his game
She hated that he touched her, all she now has is pain and shame
The innocent, enervated child, whose parents, with hatred for each other, separated
Hurled into a world of gnawing pain, she feels dismayed ‘ n distressed, disgruntled ‘n devastated
The youth, who still wishes for the past, the girl he loved first
His pain persists, for he thought that would be his last
A mother who has lost his child breaks down such a lot
Her heart hurts everyday, the pain will never stop
The sick man, in vain, thinks that pills would ease his chronic pain
With each one that he would swallow, relief and peace he would obtain
The cruel life of each tells a story of fight, hardship and strain everyday
Of the pain that curves its way, the pain that never goes away.