Never Say Goodbye: A Poem by Archna Srivastawa ‘Ahana’

Even talking to you was incomplete ,
How many feelings were distanced from the lips,
By the way, we kept on meeting, kept saying anything,
But silence kept on talking more Did you… like me or was it my only wish ,
The tussle continued till we got our spirits..
was determined not to even meet you,
Why does my fate seem ruthless?
Who am I, who are you, like a whirlpool is going on,
Only sparks of desires are growing in the churning ,
You started, the story ends with you ,
There is only one letter running in every connection,
 Staying away from you, the heart is not explained ,
Follow the style of love, don’t waste your luck ,
Your freak, in your desire, does not cut now day-night Doesn’t adorn the eyelids