The new normal: A poem by Vasudha Pansare

Wearing masks which you hate,
You feel you are going to suffocate,
You feel you are living in a bubble,
If it bursts, your life will crumble.

Nothing is safe anymore,
Sitting at home, nowhere to go,
It has been a lonely year,
Full of anxiety, full of fear.

Loved ones far away,
Hoping we’ll meet them someday,
Longing, yearning to travel,
But staying at home is the new normal.

Books to read, films to watch,
Trying to find a sunshine patch,
Something to keep you happy,
Something to ease your anxiety.

Dreaming of beaches and mountains,
Dreaming of gardens and fountains,
But waking up to harsh reality,
And trying to preserve sanity.

Waiting to go out and feel the breeze,
Feel the hot sun and the winter freeze,
Waiting for some cheer,
And a life without fear.