First snow: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

As she lay in the  solace of her bed wrapped up in sheets of grey
Looking out past the  frozen glass into the  new dawning day
Besprinkled crystals from Seraph’s wings, soft snowfall did ensue
A smoothing swaddle soothing heartstrings, no place for rue
Nostalgia floated like snowflakes and settled in her room for a while
Memories of their first snow love brought to her face a cheery smile
That day as the  first snow of winter fell to  the ground
Excited, she walked out in the  silver dusted frosted filigree sparkling all around
In the whiteness of the  fluttering, silvery, soft, pristine snowfall
She saw him in trimming white,  he encaptured her soul
Young love touched them both like the newborn snow
So delicate and pure it seemed in the  dimming dawning glow
Crispy and bright snow whispered crunching beneath their feet
They drank love as the earth drank the silver sunlight
She recollected their snow fight, how he lost and she won
He scooped her up, carried her and gently led her down
Wrapped in his care she lay basking in the  winter afterglow
They shared their hearts with ease on their path thick with snow
The day-long gone, now as her window is covered in sparkling frost
She remains caught in the scintillant reflective reverie of a wondrous day lost.