The Morning Mist: A Poem by Seema Jain

With the footsteps of the winter approaching on tip-toe
My passionate heart finds resonance, now going fast now slow
Ever since my childhood, I have always felt a pull
Towards cool misty mornings, so enchanting and beautiful

Everything all around seems to wear an opaque garment
What lies behind this hazy veil fills you with such wonderment
The trees, the houses, the roads, the lamp posts all touched with a magic stick
Play hide and seek, now visible,  now doing the vanishing trick

As a kid, I used to love the steam coming out of my mouth
When I let out my breath and saw it drift to the south
Cycling my way to college on the misty winter morning
With the hazy pathways, and dark mysteries its all corners adorning

The progressing years in no way have diminished my crazy fancy
The inscrutable misty charisma is as deep as in my infancy
Now when I go for a relaxing walk on a morning wrapped in mist
Those precious memories of yesteryears as a song-dance on my lip

Oftentimes I  ask myself as I am filled with wonder 
After all, what treasure do these sights and sounds do render
But no clear answer does emerge from my heart’s recesses
The mysterious touch of a misty morning soothes like a mother’s caresses.