Shooting Star: A Poem by Seema jain

Long before science could unravel the mysterious rhythms
Of inscrutable nature and its diverse realms
Human imagination has tried to capture its essence
In its own ways in an attempt to make some sense

Sun Rain Fire and grain all came to be worshipped
Man for his survival tried to keep them pleased
An old woman spinning a wheel we saw in the moon
A shooting star in the sky made us seek some boon

Today’s knowledge these figments of fancy might belie
But the ages old romance woven around them never seems to die
Even though  a shooting star is a speck of dust I know
On seeing one a wish from my heart still  does rise and flow

If prayers and wishes can indeed cause some miracles
How I wish sorrows and miseries should leave this earth forever!
Only a single wish emanates from my tormented heart
Purged of hatred and all wars, this world should become like heaven

A garden of Eden where love and harmony flow like river water
Murmuring and cascading ballads of peace sung now and hereafter