The Morning Mist: A Poem by Ritu Kamra Kumar

A veil obscure  between stark reality and fragile illusionary  nest
Envelopes in its chest tales of mystery  and human quest
Sometimes  it embodies in its enormous  bosom
Many a storm, tempests and hurricane- man’s emotional  prism
Sometimes it meanders through fear  and fright
Waiting eagerly  for sunshine to bath in its gossamer  delight
Sometimes suspended on trees in angelic robes – a sweet swan
Hues of purity and possibilities  heralding  a new dawn
Mist is play of Light and shadow splashed on canvas of life
Oscillating  between  them we all dwell and  strife
The Morning  Mist  teaches not to be afraid of storms or hail
In times of uncertainty sail the ship facing bravely without  fail

Connect with the inner self, explore the  hidden light there stored

Magical divinity of secrets of the universe lies in the soul’s fold.