Longing Stuck in Mist: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

I was sitting amidst verdure solemnity, brooding over my quondam days,
Circumambient mist at dawn mystified my presence and atmospheric state.
I still ruminate that flagrant moment that had nesciently passed
When my somnolent eyes of morn observed the haze perched on window glass.
Unsullied droplets were trickling down the panes and blending with my somber mood,
I saw your love message etched on the misty surface, but your contiguity was mute.
I still dread the grey illusive shroud that has fumigated my fate,
And has devoured you in its abyss, where sunbeams flinch to penetrate.
I am still in the delirium of that blurry dawn to be silhouetted by the ardent sun
When the pearly gilded rays shall infiltrate through the dense imprecision
Stealthily unfurling the mystery in its monochromatic dull sheath
Revealing the muffled blues and silvery lavender
And like the enamoring lights of fantasy tales, I shall find you in its shelter.
But instead, some stupefying display of nature’s contours was uncovered,
Stretch of wildflowers, a pastel rainbow, mountains in mantles of snow, and shimmering water.
My homeward steps encumbered with emotions, I quietly prayed once more,

Let me trace your amorous message, freshly inscribed on the glass of my misty window.