The Morning Mist: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

After autumn fall, when night jasmine adorned the paths along with bulbs of lilies.
When the wind rustles with the leaves, crumpled and crunchies.
Wafting fragrance to faraway valleys.
She appears to swaddle in a thick veil.
And the blazing star loves her strength and the way she prevails.
He loves her more, when she asserts, she is not delicate or frail.
And they play hide and seek.
He pierced through her veil and stealthily sneaks.
But gradually turn pale with every dawn and weather turning bleak.
He likes tough contenders.
And when Santa Claus comes with goodies in his sleigh and reindeer.
He declares a complete surrender.
Bowing down to somebody as a token of appreciation, giving space, uplifting others doesn’t make anyone inferior.
It in fact raises one’s stature and makes one superior.
For philanthropic heart, everyone is dearer
And when Robin sings with sakura  blossoming in the sanctuaries
She  melts in love and retreats, with  sweet memories
With a heart full of gratitude for the apricity of the star, promises to come back again triumphing vagaries.

Paving the way for each other.

To celebrate each other’s glory, give and take as a true lover.