Majestic Artistry: A Poem by Amrita Mallik

Lacy, delicate and ornate snowflake,
The hypnotizing silhouette, mysteriously forming,
Is made by loving creator’s hand,
Yet, no two are alike like humans.
Appearing on earth like it’s her stage,
She is in command, in her playful swirl,
Taking her dance in the wintry air,
Ah! Such dainty in her crystalline form.
Reflecting the brightest light of the sun,
Despite the icy wind, she vows to glow,
Appealing, thus, timid souls like me,
To be courageous, and stay real beauty.
In human life and its design, she is comforting,
Both in nature and life, where good and evil overlap,
Where nothing, therefore, happens fortuitously,
Perfection emanates from such mingling.
She is too fragile and too short-lived,
Yet, such daedal artistry in her tiny frame,
Think not, therefore, you’re ineligible and inefficient,

There’s a greater reward through challenges hard.