The Life Goes on: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

The clouds will sail towards their destinations.
The pellucid lake will be caught their reflections.
The cattle will graze in the meadows.
Crickets and grasshoppers will retreat with the chirpings of sparrows.
The sun will pierce through the lofty mountain peaks and  cliffs
Looking like a sparkling diamond ring.
 On the lawns, there will be new flowers.
And in the twilight, some will wither
But as always, the colorful fair will go on.
With every pristine new dawn.
At times moon disappears from the skies.
But the sky above never ceases to shine and the land below is always lit by the fireflies.
Clusters of stars from galaxies shine in the absence of the moon.
Occasionally meteors swoon.
One day I shall stop playing my Jal Taranga, on the myriad  bowls filled with water
Which I played by striking the edge with the beaters.
My kindred kith life will no doubt pause but will not stop.
Time is a healer, they have to move on towards their duties and jobs.
 The melody of life flows on like a river towards the ocean.

Life is beautiful with me or without me, always in motion.